TheraNest users with Organization Admin level permissions can access this report. However, before the report can be accessed the Organization Administrator of TheraNest must enable it's use. 


The Payroll report is based on payments applied and distributed to invoice service dates. In other words, each row in the report is related to payment applied to a specific date of service. The report doesn't include open/unapplied payments, it only includes payments applied to invoices. The payment date default, is the date it is accepted in TheraNest. You can manually edit the payment date. Report pulls by the payment details date.

Report Logic:

  • Pulls in payments that were accepted in the specified date range
  • Does NOT pull in Unapplied Payments

Run Report:

  1. Click on Reports in the primary navigation bar
  2. Under Billing click Payroll
  3. Set your filters: Payment date, Staff, Payment methods, Show Items Already Paid Out to Therapists
  4. Click Run Report

Column Descriptions

Staff – Staff Member on invoice under General Information. Obtained from invoice.

Client – Client service was provided for. Obtained from payment details.

Payment Number – Internal number of payment. Obtained from payment details.

Payment Method – One of following: Cash, Check, Credit/Debit Card, Insurance, Other. Obtained from payment details.

Insurer – Name of insurance in case payment method is insurance otherwise empty. Obtained from payment details.

Paid with a Card – Credit card type and number in case when a card was charged via the application. Obtained from payment details.

Amount – Amount paid for specific service. Obtained from payment details.

Payment Date – Date you enter the payment in TheraNest. Obtained from payment details.

Date of Service – Date when a service was rendered. Obtained from invoice item.

CPT Code – Code of service. Obtained from invoice item.

Rate – Payout rate for specific staff member for specific date. Obtained from Payroll Payout Settings table using Provider and Date of Service.

Payout Due – Amount to pay out. Obtained as Amount multiplied by Rate on invoice.

Paid – Action column, uses to mark/unmark items as paid out. There is also ability to mark all returned items as paid out via Mark all button.


All non-action columns of the report allow sorting.

Exporting & Search

You can export the report via CSV or PDF. You can search through the report by key word.

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