Users need Billing permissions to conduct Batch Invoicing. 

What is Batch Invoicing?

Batch invoicing allows you to find all unbilled appointments in a date range that you set and create invoices for them all at once. 

Batch Invoices

  1. Click on Billing in the primary navigation bar
  2. In the sidebar click on Batch Invoicing
  3. You can filter by client, how the client pays, staff, service and date range. The date range will always be filtered to the current month.
  4. After you filters have been set click the Search button.
  5. To hide No shows, Rescheduled, & Cancellations mark the box.
  6. Clients will appear in the preview below. You can click on each client's name to show the invoice details. You can make any changes you wish there. 
  7. Optional: You can add a batch invoice item and apply it to all invoices. 
  8. Mark or unmark the boxes next to each client. Marking the boxes indicate you wish to create an invoice for those individuals. 
  9. Click the green Create Selected Invoices button.
  10. You'll receive a confirmation window asking if you want to create x selected invoice(s)? Click the green Yes I'm sure button to create the invoices. 

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