Users with Billing permissions can process invoices in batches.

What is Batch Processing?

Batch Processing is taking invoices in batching in completing various tasks with them such as printing, email, etc. 

Before You Begin

Invoices that are fully paid will still show in the list. They will have a blue Fully Paid tag.

If you are connected to Apex Clearinghouse and are going to be adding claims to claims awaiting submission then each date of service will be it's own claim (837). Click here to learn how to Group All Appointments into a Single Claim. 

If you are connected to a clearinghouse the invoices and their submission status will show here as well with a submission status tag. 

Batch Processing

  1. Click on Billing in the primary navigation bar
  2. In the sidebar click Batch Invoicing
  3. Click the Process Existing Invoices tab
  4. From there you can set multiple filters. The date range is the date the invoice was created. For each time you change the filters click the Search button. 
  5. Mark the box next to the client/invoice you wan tot work with. 
  6. You can click print and choose to either print the invoice or the superbill from the dropdown. 
  7. You can also click email to client and choose to email the invoice or superbill to the client. 
  8. If you are connected to a clearinghouse you can add claims to awaiting submission. 

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