If you have accepted a payment for a client without applying it to an invoice, the payment will appear under Unapplied Payments/Credits on the ledger.
 1) To apply the payment to an invoice, click Apply to Invoices.

 2) On the Payment Info page check either Client Payment or Insurance Payment. A list of invoices and their invoices numbers will appear below. Check next to the session(s) you'd like to apply the payment to. This will add the amount to the Payment field(s).
 Note: Be sure to click the Co-Payment box on the right, if you're applying a co-pay.

 3) As you scroll down the screen, a window will keep track of the total payment to be made. Click Save here or at the top right of the page to save your payments.

 If the payment covered an entire invoice's balance, the invoice will then appear under Fully Paid Invoices in the client's ledger.


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