1. Go to your desired client profile by either searching for their name in the search field at the top of TheraNest, or by going to Clients > My Clients.
  2. Click the Ledger button to the right of the client's name in the list of clients.

 3a) Send an Invoice or Superbill from the ledger page by clicking Email to Client or Email Superbill to Client.

 3b) You can also send the Invoice or Superbill from inside the invoice. Click the invoice from the list to open it. Then click Email to Client. Choose whether you would like to send the client the Invoice or Superbill.

 4) Choose whether you would like a copy of the Invoice or Superbill sent to you by selecting Yes or No upon sending.

Your client will receive an email with the subject line, "Superbill from ... " or "Invoice from ..." with a PDF attachment; the body of the email will contain this message:

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