You can void a client's credit card payment before the charge has settled with their bank via the Credit Card Charges Report


You must have Organization Administrator level permissions to void the payment.

Steps to Void

  1. Click Reports in the primary navigation bar.
  2. Click Credit Card Charges under the Billing section.
  3. The report will pull the current month's transactions by default; adjust the Transaction Date Range to see additional dates.
  4.  You can filter the report by clicking any of the column headers to sort data ascending or descending; and you can type in the search fields in the headers to narrow your search results.
  5. Click Void in the Actions column to the right of the payment to remove the payment from the application and stop the transaction from completing. 
  6. A confirmation message will appear to confirm the void. Voiding a charge will remove it from the report. 

If the transaction status is Settled, it is only possible to issue a refund

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