You must have Billing permissions to accept a payment.

Before You Begin

Payments can be accepted at any time from a client, even if client does not have any outstanding invoices. In such cases, any payments accepted will show as a credit / open payment on the client's ledger. Same goes for any overpayments.

If your client has insurance entered in on their Bill to & Insurance info tab then Insurance will be the default responsibility when accepting a payment, unless your client has a set payment amount entered OR a co-pay.

From the Agenda:

  1. Click Add Invoice on the Agenda
  2. Click the blue Apply button.
  3. Edit amount if needed, set payment method, enter notes if needed. Click Save.

From the Ledger 

  1. Go to the client's Ledger
  2. Click the blue Accept Payment Button
  3. Enter the amount of the payment in the Total Amount field, or just begin clicking the check boxes next to the sessions you'd like to make payments for, and this field will be calculated for you
  4. Select the Payment Method
  5. If you are making a payment that is less than the Client Amount Due, be sure to enter this amount in the Payment on the right. This field defaults to the client amount due/co-pay. 
  6. As you scroll down the screen, a window will keep track of the total payment to be made. Click Save here or at the top right of the page to save your payments.


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