1. Go to your desired Client by either searching for them in the search bar or clicking on them in your client list. 
  2. Click the Ledger button to the right of the client's name.

 3a) Enter a Write Off from Ledger:

Click Write-Offs at the top of the Ledger or click Select an Action > Write-Off to the right of the invoice that you would like to write off.

3b) Enter Write-Off from within Invoice:

Click the Invoice to open it. Then click the Write-Off button at the top or bottom of the screen.

 4) On the Write Off Info page, select either Client Write Off or Insurance Write Off.

A list of invoices with their respective service dates will appear. Check mark the invoices that need to be written off. If only a portion of the invoices should be written off, add that amount in the Write Off Amount field.

5) As you scroll, a box will appear to allow you to Save. Click the green Save button in the box or on the top right of the page.

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