TheraNest can send an automatic transaction receipt to your client's email address when their credit card is processed.

In the main details and demographic section of client profiles, click the Bill To & Insurance Info tab, then check the box next to "Send credit card charges receipts to this email", and Save Billing Info.

If Additional Email field is used a receipt will also be delivered to to this address.

Once your account is registered for credit card processing with our card processor, every new client added will have this box checked by default, even before the client's email address is added to their profile. You'd only need to check this box if you've entered clients prior to registering for credit card processing. 

If someone unchecked this box and later added an email address to the client profile, that email address will copy over to the Bill To & Insurance Info page, but the checkbox will NOT be selected automatically

2) Clients will receive an email with a PDF attachment confirming their payment was successful. The email subject heading is, "Receipt for your payment to ...'", and the body of the email will contain this message:

Below is an example of the receipt attachment sent to clients when their card is charged in TheraNest:

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