Organization Administrators can subscribe therapists to the client portal. 

Before You Begin

Access to our client portal is included with your subscription.  Clients can update their demographic and billing info, complete intake forms online, and make payments online (via our integrated credit card processing).  Additionally, you can also enable self-schedule and secure messaging for your clients.  It's only $6/mo/therapist who can receive appointment requests and or secure messages from the portal (the first therapist is free)."

Subscribe Therapists

  1. Click on Organization in the primary navigation bar. 
  2. On the sidebar menu click Client Portal.
  3. Click on the Subscription tab.
  4. Search for the Staff Members you want to give access to in the Add Staff search
  5. After the the staff members have been selected they will appear in the list with the word "added" next to their name. 
  6. Click Update Subscribed Staff List to fully subscribe them.

Those staff members will now have access to send secure messages to their clients via the Client Portal. They will also be allowed to have clients self-schedule with them. Make sure they setup their settings. 

When your subscription is changed mid month (or mid year), we do not automatically charge you on that subscription change date - we wait to charge you until your Renewal Date. At that time you are credited for any unused time on the previous plan, charged for remaining time on the new plan, and then charged the full amount for the upcoming month/year. TheraNest subscriptions are charged in advance for the month to come.


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