By default, users are subscribed to TheraNest monthly. TheraNest users with Organization Administration permissions will be able to change to an annual plan. 

By switching to the annual plan the organization can expect a discount that is the equivalent of 2 free months of TheraNest.

  1. Click on Organization in the primary navigation bar.
  2. Navigate to Manage Subscription on the side menu
  3. Use the Monthly/Annual toggle button to switch back and forth between monthly and annual pricing. Take note of your current subscription and the pricing change based on monthly or annual pricing.
  4. Click Subscribe Now next to the desire annual plan. 
  5. Confirm your subscription change by clicking the Update My Subscription button.
  • If you are currently a Trial User of TheraNest and wish to subscribe to the annual plan you will forfeit the remaining days on your trial be charged immediately. 
  • When your subscription is changed mid month (or mid year), we do not automatically charge you on that subscription change date. You will be billed on your next next upcoming invoice. For annual customers this could mean your annual renewal date OR it could mean the following month when you are invoiced for the appointment reminder service. At that time you are credited for any unused time on the previous plan, charged for remaining time on the new plan, and then charged the full amount for the upcoming month/year. TheraNest subscriptions are charged in advance for the month to come.
  • We will email you several days prior to your annual renewal date to remind you of the upcoming charge for your annual plan. We also encourage you to mark your calendar to prepare in advance.
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