TheraNest users with Billing Permissions AND permissions to submit claims to the clearinghouse will be able to perform the actions in this article. 

Before you begin:

New to insurance billing? Please check out our resource on Insurance Billing Basics.

Before you send claims you must be connected to a clearinghouse. See article here on how to get enrolled. 

Before sending claims, whether test or production, you'll need to setup your client's insurance billing information.

As mentioned in TheraNest 101, billing and notes are connected. You also need to make sure that the client has a Progress Note for appointments and Diagnostic code(s) in their notes.

Claims are generated from invoices, so to send a claim, you'll need to create an invoice. Click here if you're unsure of that step. 

Steps to submit a claim

  1. Once the invoice has been created you can add it to Awaiting Submission. This option appears in the Select An Action drop down next to the invoice on the ledger or it appears on the invoice information screen if you created it from the agenda.
  2. After the claim has been added to Awaiting Submission you will want to check the claims for errors. Mark the box next to the claims you need to check and click, Check Selected Claims for Errors.
  3. You will be prompted to fix any errors in a selected claim. You can click on the blue hyperlink in each error to fix it. 
  4. After the claims have been fixed mark the box next to the claims and choose Submit Selected Claims.

You can now go to the submitted claims tab to review any submitted claims or fix the remaining errors. 

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