Only users with Billing Permissions can perform the actions below. 


A service type needs to be corrected on an appointment but invoices for that service have already been created. 


You cannot make any changes to an appointment tied to an invoice. 


Delete the invoice so that you can change the service type. Then recreate the invoice with the correct service type and reapply any payments. 

Steps for Solution

  1. You'll see this message in the edit appointment modal. Close out of the modal to return to the calendar. From there you can click on the client's name to be taken to their profile.
  2. On the sidebar menu click Ledger. 
  3. Once on the ledger find the desired invoice. You can look in the Service Date section of the either the Open Invoices or Fully Paid invoices section. 
  4. After locating the desired invoice click Select an Action and choose Delete from the dropdown menu. PLEASE NOTE: Deleting the invoice does NOT delete any payments applied to the invoice. It simply moves the payments to the unapplied payments section of the client's ledger. Write offs will be removed. 
  5. Return to the calendar and locate the appointment that needs to be changed. Double click on the appointment to edit. You should now be able to change the service type. 
  6. Click Save
  7. Recreate the invoice for that service date
  8. Apply any unapplied payment

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