You must have Billing permissions to change the place of service. 

Before You Begin

If you use TheraNest's Telehealth service the Place of Service code is automatically going to be changed to 02 when creating invoices. Otherwise, An appointment’s Place of Service is set to Office by default in TheraNest. 

This article shows you how to change Place of Service on the client invoice. Click here to see how to set it on a progress note.

Place of Service differs from the session's Location. Place of Service refers to the category of appointment location as used in insurance billing. Based on this selection, a Place of Service code is transmitted to the CMS 1500 claim form in box 24b.

Edit Place of Service on the Invoice

  1. Go you desired client's ledger.
  2. Locate the invoice/date of service you need to change.
  3. Click the Select an Action button and choose View Details from the dropdown.
  4. The Place of Service drop-down menu is located to the right of the Date of Service. Click and choose the desired new place of service. 
  5. Click the green Save button. 
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