Only Therapist users or higher can access custom forms.

Before You Begin

At this time you can only accept one client signature. There is not a space for two signatures. 

There will be a warning to the client just like to you that the signature cannot be undone. They can hand the device back to you for your signature. To learn more about what signatures can and cannot be removed click here. 

Sign the Document

  1. Once you've completed filling out your custom form you'll want to click on the down carrot icon next to the Save button. 
  2. From the dropdown menu choose Save and E-Sign
  3. Click Accept Signature under the Client Name and hand over device to the Client to sign. They can type or draw their signature. 
  4. The client will type in their signature.
  5.  Click Save Signature.
  6. Page will route them to the signature page to review. Click Sign Document button. 
  7. A warning will pop up and they will click Sign the Document to make it Immutable.

The signature cannot be removed. 

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