At TheraNest we get a lot of questions around how to handle couples counseling or marriage counseling in TheraNest. We respect that every practice is different but we want to offer you some best practices and helpful facts to assist you in being successful with TheraNest.

 Each person should be an individual client in TheraNest

This  is for multiple purposes. 

  1. Clients can fill out their OWN intake forms separately via the client portal.
  2. Accurate data and reporting. It's beneficial to keep your EHR honest. You want it to reflect the correct amount of active clients you are serving. 
  3. If one person wants to see you individually later on then you will have to create another client anyways and then manually move information to the other spouse. If they are individual records then a group case and notes will be stored on all members of the group. 

Create a Group 

Once both individuals are added into TheraNest you can connect them as a family. Simply go to the family tab on one of the spouses record and search for the other spouse. Once added they will be joined together in a family group.

The family group will show in your list of groups under Clients > Groups

Add a Group case to log progress notes and treatment plans. Even though it's a group case you can have individual and separate diagnostic codes, treatment plans, and progress notes for each partner. 

Billing Couples
The ledgers for couples are separate and therefore TheraNest will want you to create an invoice for each member of the group. The majority of time you will only want to bill one spouse. We have two options. Option 1: You could  never create an invoice for one particular spouse and continue to leave that as being unbilled. Option 2: you can create an invoice for one of the spouses and zero it out. You can put a note in why you are zeroing it out.

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