Any User

Can override their own individual schedule to allow for an after-hours appointment.


Can override their own individual schedule PLUS any other staff member's schedule to allow for an after-hours appointment

Override Schedule

  1. Click on Calendar in the primary navigation bar
  2. Go to your desired date and schedule an appointment
  3. Mark the box for After-Hours Override to see a wider time range than the time allowed. Choose your time. 
  • You'll also receive a message letting you know that the calendar appearance will change once the appointment is saved. To show the outside schedule appointment the calendar will adjust the first or last hour of each day. Example: Your current first hour of the day is 9:00 A.M.. You schedule an after-hours appointment for 8:00 A.M. The calendar start time will adjust to show 8:00 A.M.. You can change this in your calendar preferences at anytime. This does not mean you're now able to see all clients at 8:00 A.M.. It's just widening the appearance, not changing the availability. 

4. Click Save

You can also reschedule an appointment to be an after-hours appointment. 

We also make the staff member aware of any after-hours appointment via the alerts section of TheraNest. Staff members can also update their calendar preferences to receive email notifications as well. 

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