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This article will serve as your Go To Guide for TheraNest. We’ll reference it throughout your trial. Think of it as your treasure map with a perfectly set up TheraNest account as the pot of gold at the end. 

Do yourself a favor and bookmark this article. ;)

Let’s get started...

  • Complete the Setup Guide to populate your practice’s information in your trial account. This is the foundation for success and smooth sailing. Click your name in the top right corner of your TheraNest account and select Setup Guide from the drop down.

Watch TheraNest 101

This video will give you a great foundation on what browsers TheraNest is compatible with, how to navigate, and best practices with using TheraNest. Also, you'll learn about the "TheraNest Triangle" which is the foundation in which TheraNest was built.

Watch our Setting Up Your TheraNest class

You won’t regret it. Proper setup is the foundation for your operational success. You’ll learn about navigation and workflow best practices, automatic appointment reminders, credit card processing, locations, practice chat and our awesome activity
log so you can keep a pulse on who has done what and when for the past 60 days. 

Add your Clients

Add your clients manually or import them from an Excel spreadsheet. You’ll see the real power of TheraNest after you’ve added your clients. If you’re ready to go all in, ask us about our Concierge Migration Service that can help you import client data.

Watch our Managing Clients and Staff class
Make sure you’re set up for a smooth client and staff transition by learning which permissions are best for your team and how to apply them. Your team and clients will really appreciate that front end investment and thank you for it once they’re whizzing through notes and treatment plans.


Create an Appointment

Sync your TheraNest appointments and events to Google Calendar or Apple iCalendar for easy schedule management while on the go.

Learn about the Features and Functions of the Calendar

Learn about calendar filters, preferences, and setting up your availability. We know how incredibly important your schedule is so we want to help make sure you have it setup for maximum efficiency. 


Create your first Progress Note

Positive client outcomes start with great notes. 

Watch our Managing Cases and Notes class

Learn the difference between a case and a client, and how to efficiently write professional Assessments, Treatment Plans, and Progress Notes. We cover TheraNest vocabulary, permissions and assigning staff to clients and cases.


Create an Invoice  

Get paid! Print as an invoice, superbill, or CMS 1500 form. Setup your account for insurance claim submission through one of our 3 national clearinghouses (not available in the trial).

Watch our Billing Setup Videos

Get paid on time! Minimize rejections, denials and client disputes, and maximize client retention by getting everything set up correctly. We cover the bill to & Insurance info section, how to add payers/insurers, and credit card processing

Watch our Billing with TheraNest Videos

Create an invoice, accept payment, submit claims, Process claims, group billing, batch invoicing/processing. 

Complete this checklist? 

Please send us an email to let us know when you have finished the checklist. We have a special treat for you! :) 


Would like your own copy? We completely understand. Click here to download the above checklist so you can easily check off each task throughout your journey of becoming a TheraNest Pro.

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