Users with Organization Administrator permissions will be able to suspend their TheraNest subscription.

Before You Begin

Suspending is not the same as cancelling. If you wish to cancel click here. 

You can suspend your subscription for up to three months. You will not be able to access your client data while your subscription is suspended. If you decide to suspend your subscription all of your data will be preserved until you resume your subscription. You will not be charged while your account is suspended.
To suspend your subscription follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Organization in the primary navigation bar
  2.  Click Manage Subscription on the side menu
  3. Click Cancel Subscription
  4. Choose the bubble, "I want to suspend my subscription."
  5. Choose how many months you wish to suspend your subscription (up to 3). 
  6. Click Suspend Subscription

Note: You may only suspend your TheraNest subscription two separate times for 1-3 months each time. 

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