Under Organization > Client Portal > Settings you will see "Client Shortcuts." This article breaks down what each of those links will do. You can take these links and share them with your clients, embed them in your website, or social media pages. 

New Invitation link:

Share with your new clients who you have NOT already added to your TheraNest account. This link will allow for them to register in your system and create a new Client Portal account at the same time. This link should not be shared with clients who have already been added in your system. It will not work for them. 

Login Link:

Share with your existing clients to direct them to the page where they can sign into their existing Client Portal account.

New Appointment Link

You will only see this link if you have self-scheduling turned on. 

This link will take clients to pick staff member, see availability, and schedule an appointment. They will not be able to submit the appointment request until they login or register with the client portal. You can share with your existing clients to allow them to schedule new appointments quickly, or with unregistered clients to schedule an appointment and create a new Client Portal account. Warning: It will bypass all demographic and intake form prompts for new accounts. 

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