TheraNest users with Organization Administrative level permissions can subscribe their staff to Telehealth. Telehealth subscription is an optional add-on service with your monthly TheraNest subscription. There are two different plan options:

Individual Plan

The pricing is $12 per therapist per month for one on one unlimited sessions. This plan is for one provider and one client.

Group Plan

Group Telehealth is $25 per therapist per month. This plan allows Telehealth sessions for up to 6 participants (including the provider). You can have multiple staff on these sessions as well.

Follow the steps below to subscribe:

  1. Go to Organization in the primary navigation bar

  2. Click on Manage Subscription on the side menu. 

  3. Click on the Telehealth Subscription Tab

  4. Choose either the Individual or Group Telehealth plan from the dropdown

  5. In the Active Telehealth Staff section you should see and "add staff" search bar. Search for the staff member you wish there and select them.

  6. The staff member will appear as "added" 

  7. To complete the process click on the green button that says, "Subscribe"

  8. You will receive a confirmation screen letting you know that you will not be charged immediately. 

  9. Click Update My Subscription.

Once you have successfully added a staff member, the staff will now have access to schedule a Telehealth session.

View our Training on Telehealth here:

Customize Telehealth for your organization
The Telehealth Title appears on the Telehealth Window and on the calls to action for the Telehealth feature throughout the platform. Enter in your changes and click Update to save.

The virtual waiting room intro message will appear on the the waiting room screen where a client will enter a session. Enter in your changes and click Update to save. 

Is Telehealth in TheraNest HIPAA compliant?

Yes. We take your data security seriously and encrypt all your information by HIPAA standards and are HIPAA compliant. Your data is continually and securely backed up. We use Amazon for Hardware and physical security because they are HIPAA compliant and have to follow many rules and that helps us with compliance. TheraNest does not record or store the audio or video from Telehealth sessions.

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