Every staff member within TheraNest has a personal documents tab they can access through their profile. 

  1. Click on your name in the top right corner of TheraNest
  2. Choose My profile
  3. Click on the Documents tab

The documents tab is intended for staff members to upload documents for themselves and their administrators to access. All TheraNest staff with admin permissions can see the documents of their colleagues. TheraNest administrators can also upload documents to their colleagues' staff documents folder as well. 

If you're an admin and would like to upload a document to your staff:

  1. Click on STAFF in the primary navigation bar of TheraNest
  2. Find your staff member and click on the Details next to their name
  3. Click on the Documents tab
  4. You can drag and drop your document into the documents section or click on the Upload button in the documents tool bar.

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