An appointment’s Place of Service is set to Office by default in TheraNest. This article shows you how to change Place of Service on the progress note. Click here to see how to set it on the client's invoice.

Place of Service differs from the session's Location. Place of Service refers to the category of appointment location as used in insurance billing. Based on this selection, a Place of Service code is transmitted to the CMS 1500 claim form in box 24b.

To edit the Place of Service on progress notes you will need either Billing permissions or a specific setting under Therapist permissions in your staff profile: Can edit place of service on progress notes. The Place of Service that is set on the progress note will then auto-populate on the corresponding date of service's invoice. 

Note: For signed notes that were created before this feature release on 9/04/2018, the Place of Service will show as Office on the electronic version; the version of the note you see when you click the Details button. If you print that same note using the Print button, the correct Place of Service will show. You do NOT need to remove the signature from the note to update the Place of Service. 

When a user adds a progress note from the Agenda, the appointment will automatically populate into the Appointment drop-down menu for the note. The Place of Service can then be set before the invoice is created. When the invoice is created for the same appointment, the Place of Service will automatically populate on the invoice. Workflow below:

If you're adding a note directly from the Progress Notes tab, you'll want to select the proper date of service > choose appointment from the drop down > then set the place of service so that it can reflect properly on the invoice for that date of service. 

Workflow below:

The Place of Service will be greyed out and not editable for staff without billing permissions or Can edit place of service on progress notes set in their Therapist permissions. 

A staff member with Billing permissions will also be able to create and edit the invoice to set the proper Place of Service. The Place of Service set by a biller will automatically populate on an unsigned progress note unless the note is signed.

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