If you have unlicensed clinicians you may be required to include the Supervisors name and NPI on the claim. 

In TheraNest you can populate this information in box 17 of the CMS-1500 claim form, Loop 2310D on the 837P EDI File. 

Go to Client > Details > Bill to and Insurance Info. Scroll down to "Referrer" 

To enter a Supervisor complete First Name, Last Name, and NPI. 

Then choose "Yes" for "Use Supervising Provider On Claims"

The Clinicians name will populate on the claim with the "DQ" Supervisor  qualifier.

Some insurance companies require the Supervisor's name to replace the unlicensed clinicians name as the Rendering Provider in boxes 24 and 31. 

In these cases you will need to make the change directly on the client's invoice. 

Go to Client > Ledger > Select an Action to the right of the invoice > View Details. 

Under "Staff Member" enter in the Supervisor Name and save changes. 

Note: This will affect the Payroll report. Any dollars collected for this invoice will appear on the Payroll report under the Staff Member name that is entered on the invoice. 

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