TheraNest allows for each client to have a preferred name. The preferred name will show in client-facing notifications and the majority of client-facing documentation. Clients who have a client portal account will also be able to enter in their preferred name within the portal itself.

Setting Preferred Name for a New Client

When adding a new client, type a name in the Preferred Name field, then click Save Client.

The client's Preferred Name will appear throughout the application, in some sections alongside their legal name.

Setting Preferred Name for an Existing Client

A preferred name can also be set for existing clients by typing into the Preferred Name field of their Details tab, then clicking Save.

Setting Preferred Name on Billing Documents

The Bill To & Insurance Info tab will still be set to the client's legal name by default since insurance requires that the legal name be used. This means by default that billing documentations such as invoices, statements, and superbills will reflect the legal name. Insurance claim forms will always reflect the client's legal name, even if the Bill To & Insurance Info tab is adjusted to reflect a preferred name.

When using the preferred name keep the following in mind:

-There is not currently a way to import preferred client names using the template on our Import Clients page.

-The Preferred Name for clients replaces their legal name on the following TheraNest reports:
Cancelled and Rescheduled Appointments
Clients Served
Detailed Attendance
No Show Appointments

-The legal first name for clients is shown in the following TheraNest reports:
Clients Intake
Detailed Client

-When inviting a client to the client portal the legal name will show in the invite list. You can insert the Preferred Name placeholder in the invite message when inviting them to the portal. 

-A client's legal name will show on printed progress notes. There is not an option to change this.

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