After sending intake forms to a client with a Client Portal invite, it's possible to revoke the forms if they have not yet been filled out. 


Users with Administrator permissions can revoke forms

Before You Begin

Forms cannot be revoked or re-sent (or new forms sent) until the client has created their client portal account. You can resend the client portal invite with re-selected forms if you need to replace the forms sent with the initial portal invite.

Revoking Intake Forms

  1. Navigate to the client's General Documents tab
  2. Locate the Shared Forms section at the bottom of the page. 
  3. In the actions Actions column on the right, click the Revoke button next to the forms you want to revoke; check the boxes to the left of the forms to select multiple form packets at once.
  4. Write a note for the client about why the forms are being revoked and click the Revoke Forms button.

The previously shared forms will be removed from the Shared Forms page. The client will receive your email notification about the forms being removed.

Click here to send new forms to your existing clients
Click here to resend forms

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