If you're enrolled for credit card processing in TheraNest, you can batch charge credit card transactions. 


You will need Billing permissions to use Batch Payments; therapists with Billing permissions will only see their own clients.

Before You Begin

At this time we can only process multiple payments with the payment method of Credit Card. You will not be able to change this. 

We also cannot process partial payments. It must be the full amount of the invoice. 

A client's credit card will have had to be charged/authorized initially before using Batch Payments. An indicator will let you know if there's no card on file for the client, or if the client's card hasn't been charged prior. 

The client's default credit card is the card that will be charged if multiple cards are stored on the client's Bill to & Insurance info tab.

Batch payments process in the same manner as individual credit card payments and will not be posted until 4:00PM CT on the same day charged, or 4:00PM CT on next day (if the batch was created after 4:00PM). Batches can be voided until posted.

Steps to Process:

  1. Click on Billing in the primary navigation bar
  2. Click on Batch Payments in the side menu bar where you'll be navigated to the Batch Payment Wizard. 

Create a New Batch

3. Since the Batch Payment Type and Payment Method will already be selected for you the only field that needs to be completed is the payment number field. The number you choose will be the same number for all payments. You can leave this field blank to have TheraNest assign a unique payment number to each payment.
4. Click Next.

Select Open Invoices

5. Enter in the Service Date Range you wish to see open invoices for. You can also click the column header names to sort by them, and search within the headers to find specific sessions needing payment.
6. Mark the boxes in the far-left column for the sessions you wish to process payments for.
7. Click Next.

Confirm Batch Payment

8. Review the client sessions and Total Amount Paid for this batch and click Submit Batch Payment.

Batch History

9. After clicking, Submit Batch Payment, you'll be navigated to the Batch Payment history tab. You will receive a confirmation in the top-right corner of your TheraNest screen. You will also see the completed batch payment history with the assigned Batch Payment ID.

Any errors for problems processing the cards will show next to the Batch Payment Id number in the Batch Payment History; use your mouse to roll over the batch Id to see details.

Voiding Batch Payments

From the Batch Payment History tab it's possible to void a batch of payments using the Void button in the Actions column on the right so long as the batch hasn't settled.

To void or refund individual payments within the batch, click the Batch Payment Id to get to the Credit Card Charges report.

You can sort the Batch Payments History tab by Pending, Posted and All transactions.

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