TheraNest users that are subscribed to Telehealth may experience trouble during a session. This article will address common Telehealth troubleshooting issues.

The most common issues we encounter are providers or clients not using the correct browser. In order for Telehealth sessions to be successful, you and your client must both be using approved browsers and devices. Requirements can be found in our FAQs here.

1) The Client and/or Provider Cannot See or Hear the Other Person

These guides will help with issues related to seeing or hearing each other: 

My Client Can't See Me in a Telehealth Session

I Can't See My Client in a Telehealth Session

2) "This Session has Ended"

If you try to start or re-join a session and receive a message that the session has ended, this means that the session link has already been used. It is important to remember that each session link is a 'one time use' link. You will need to create a new appointment so that a new link is generated. 

If you have to leave the session temporarily or want to switch devices, you must use the "Leave Call" button, otherwise you will not be able to rejoin the session.

3) "You Already Have an Active Telehealth Session" 

If you receive a message that you already have an active Telehealth session, this means that you have not fully ended an earlier session.

Look for indicators that you're still in a session at the top and bottom of your browser window.

Browser Tab:

Browser Footer:

If you don't see these indicators you can simply re-start your previous Telehealth session from the Calendar or Agenda, click End Session (rather than Leave Call), and you should be able to start the new session.

4) There is a Blue Bar Across the Client/Provider's Face and/or You Cannot See the Client/Provider's Full Face

This issue is tied to the dimensions of your browser window. Expanding your screen or being in "Full Screen" will zoom in on your client's face. Instead, readjust your browser screen to more of a tall rectangle - the shape of a tablet or phone. 

From the provider's perspective, in full screen you may see this: 

But by readjusting your browser window dimensions to resemble more of a tall rectangle, you will see more of your client's face.

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