Providing affordable, accessible billing is a cornerstone of TheraNest. We are excited to share that we will be offering billing through Apex EDI for a rate of just $0.23/claim! This is a true per claim rate and not a per line item rate. 

We want to help your practice as you grow, and have negotiated special rates for customers who submit a high volume of electronic claims.  The best part is these discounted prices will apply to all of you claims (not just the ones above each level) and will be automatically applied to your account, unlike our competitors.  No need to worry about predicting how many claims you will submit each month.

If you're unsure on the number of claims you submit monthly please reach out to your current clearinghouse and they should be able to provide you that number. 

You can expect the following with Apex EDI:

  • No Setup or Connection fees.
  • Flat per claim rate. You’re only charged for what you submit - no large monthly fee like Office Ally. 
  • See claim status within TheraNest! You will not have to login to a separate system to see if your claims failed and why.
  • ERAs are included, unlike our competitors.
  • Assistance with EDI and ERA enrollment is included at no extra charge, as well as access to friendly support on claims submissions. 
  • True integration.  Customer who enroll through Apex EDI will have exclusive access in the future to additional features and added functionality.


Is my payer available on Apex EDI?

Check the Apex EDI payer list here. If you do not see your payer the please reach out to TheraNest support and let us know the specific payer ID. 

How many claims do I submit in a month? 

Be sure to reach out to your Clearinghouse for this number. Ask them for an average. You can reach out to TheraNest support once you have this number and we can give you cost estimates.

Why should I use Apex?
It's a one stop shop for claims and ERA processing.  You'll be able to manage the complete lifecycle of your claim within TheraNest. Be able to check claim status and not have to login to another site to manage your billing. You will be able to bill by exception, so your valuable time is only spent on fixing problem claims while all correct claims are processed automatically.

What will the migration from Office Ally to Apex EDI look like?
Here is an article and video instructions of that process.

Do I have to switch to Apex EDI or can I stay with Office Ally or my current clearing house?

You do not have to switch. We encourage you to make the best business decision for you. 

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