TheraNest users with billing permissions may receive this message when they click "See Details" next to a refund on a client's ledger. 

Steps to duplicate:

  1. Go to clients ledger
  2. Navigate to Unapplied Payments/Credits and Refunds (please apply these to an invoice) section of the ledger. 
  3. Find refund for negative amount and click on "See Details"
  4. You will be taken to the payment screen with the message, "The Refunded Payment is Immutable. 

Before when you refunded a payment we would delete or remove that payment from the ledger. We now show you that refunded payment so that you can keep record of it on the client's ledger without having to navigate to the Credit Card Charges report. 

No action needs to be taken by you in this section, it is simply a log of refunded payments. 

You can mark the box to "Exclude Credit Card Refunds and Refunded payments" if you just need to see payments that need to be applied to an invoice and not see refunds. 

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