Below you will find FAQs regarding your enrollment with our clearinghouse partner, Apex EDI. If you cannot find the answer to your question below or in our Knowledge base please reach out to the TheraNest support team.

Enrollment FAQs

What exactly is Enrollment?

Enrollment is a process that lets your payers know that you will be submitting electronic claims and receive ERA's through our clearinghouse partner, Apex EDI. This is not the same as getting credentialed with payer.

Do I have to enroll with Apex Clearinghouse for Assisted Claims?

Yes, if you wish to subscribe to our Assisted Claims service Apex Clearinghouse is the clearinghouse you must use. 

I'm already enrolled with my payer. I have to enroll again?

Yes, if you're enrolled with another clearinghouse or with a payer you still need to enroll through TheraNest in order for claims to come into TheraNest and to use our assisted claims service. 

How long does enrollment take?

Every payer's timeline is different for acceptance. Some payers approve automatically while others can take up to 45 business days. We suggest that you continue to bill using your current method until you receive approval so you do not risk untimely filing. 

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