TheraNest users that are subscribed to Telehealth may experience trouble when their client cannot see them during a session. This article will help with troubleshooting those issues. 

1. Both you and your client need to use the correct browser

The most common issue we encounter are providers or clients not using the correct browser. In order for Telehealth sessions to be successful, you and your client must both be using approved browsers and devices. Requirements can be found in our FAQs here.

2. Browser permissions to use camera and microphone

Did both you and your client see a pop-up asking for permission to access the camera and microphone?  See image below for example using Chrome. 

If one of you did not see the pop-up, you will both want to check your browser settings. 

Google Chrome: 

  1. Click the three vertical dots in the top right corner of your browser window

  2. Choose Settings

  3. Scroll down to Privacy and Security and select Site Settings

  4. Scroll down under Permissions and click into Camera and/or Microphone settings

  5. Make sure "Ask before Accessing" is listed below and Camera and Microphone and that it does not say BLOCKED


  1. Click the Safari menu option in the top left hand corner of your browser window

  2. Choose Preferences from the dropdown

  3. Choose Websites from the tabs across the top

  4. Choose Camera from the options on the left

  5. Make sure "When visiting other websites:" is set to Allow


  1. Click the Firefox menu option in the top left hand corner of your browser window

  2. Choose Preferences from the dropdown

  3. Choose Privacy  & Security from the left hand menu

  4. Under Permissions, choose Camera > Settings

  5. Confirm that "Block new requests" is not selected

3. Check Telehealth video settings

Did you check your video and audio toggles to ensure they are enabled for sharing?

From the provider's side, there are toggles located at the bottom of the screen to start and stop the sharing of your personal video and audio.

This is from the provider's perspective: 

It is important to remember that for clients these are automatically turned on when entering a session, but for providers, you must start turn those toggles on manually to start sharing your video and audio with your client.

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