When enrolling with Apex Clearinghouse, a provider may not know how to enroll. See Below:

Type 1 

Healthcare providers who are individuals and sole proprietors. An individual is eligible for only one NPI. 

Click here to see how to enroll as a Type 1. 

Type 2

Health care providers who are organizations, including physician groups,  and the corporation formed when an individual incorporates him/herself. 

Click here to see how to enroll as a Type 2.

How should I enroll?

You should enroll as how you are credentialed with your payers. You may be credentialed as type 2 with one payer and then type 1 with another. In this case you need to complete enrollment for each payer, based upon the type you're credentialed with them, also known as a combination. When you enroll check enter in the information from NPI Registry site.  What you see in here should be what is submitted. 


You will need to complete the enrollment form with the group information, only selecting insurance companies that issue checks to the group.

Then you will need to complete the form separately for each individual provider, with that provider's information, only selecting those insurance companies that issue checks to that provider.

Click here to see how to enroll as a Combination


My payers are BCBS, Medicare, and Tricare.
I'm credentialed as a group with BCBS but Individual with Medicare and Tricare.
Therefore, I will complete the enrollment survey process with my group NPI for BCBS.
Then I will then return to the enrollment survey to complete it with my individual NPI for Medicare and Tricare. Again, this means I completed the Enrollment Survey two separate times - each way for how I'm credentialed with my payers.

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