We are currently in BETA testing with a very small group.

We will announce when enrollment is open to everyone, so please stay tuned!

After filling out the Enrollment Survey one may wonder what their enrollment status is. 

Within 1-10 business days your enrollment survey will be sent over to Madaket, a 3rd party automation service that helps us get you enrolled faster. 

If you had to complete additional forms by Madaket they will send them to the payer. Once the forms reach the payer the payer can take anywhere from 1-45 business days to approve or reject your enrollment. The average is 20 business days. Because the time varies from payer to payer, we suggest NOT holding on to claims till you're approved.

Feel Free to Reach Out!

You can reach out to Apex Clearinghouse support at - this email gets you to a special team designated to help TheraNest customers with enrollment.

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