How will I know my enrollment is rejected?

You will receive an email from TheraNest letting you know that your enrollment was rejected and why. 

Why was my enrollment rejected?

There will be a reason with a reason code in the email notifying you of the rejection. If you are unclear on what needs to be corrected then please reach out to TheraNest support. 

What do I do if my enrollment rejects?

If you have received a notice that your enrollment has rejected, you will want to fill out the enrollment survey again with the necessary changes.

  1. Click on Organization Settings in the primary navigation bar.
  2. In the sidebar navigation click Claims Service
  3. Choose your NPI type and provider. 
  4.  Mark the YES box  that this is not the first time you're filling out the form.
  5. Mark the box that you are fixing a rejection.
  6. Click Submit
  7. Complete the rest of the enrollment survey

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