When will I find out if my enrollment Accepts?

Enrollment times can vary depending on the insurance company.  Some online applications have an immediate approval time, while others can take longer than 45 days.  The average time for approval is 10-20 business days.  Click here to see what payers you'll have to wait for approval for. 

How will I know if my enrollment is accepted.
You will receive an email from TheraNest or the Payer. If the payer notifies you that you have been accepted please email TheraNest at support@theranest.com to let us know. 

Will I get my ERAs for old claims that I submitted before I signed up with TheraNest?

We support all ERAs for any claims you submitted from TheraNest.  If you submitted claims outside of TheraNest, those ERAs will not pull into your account.

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