I am getting a bunch of emails from Madaket, who are they?

Apex Clearinghouse has partnered with Madaket to help process enrollment requests.  They help to fill out the enrollment forms as well as help manage the enrollment process.  The great news for you is that Madaket has formed partnerships with insurance companies that allow us to process your enrollment more quickly. 

Why did I receive so many emails from Madaket?

You will receive a form for most insurance companies you requested to send claims to, or that you would like to receive ERAs from.  There are some ERAs that do not require you to complete any work, if you requested one of these payers, you will not receive a form. 

Also, you might be receiving a number of forms because the enrollment that was done indicated that you bill with both a Type 2 (group) and Type 1 NPI (individual).

To ensure that your enrollment would go through, we submitted both requests.  If you know how you are credentialed with these payers, you will just need to sign and complete the forms with the correct NPI.

I am reviewing the documents and there are fields that are empty that I don’t know how to fill out, what do I do?

We are working on putting together FAQ documents for the top insurance companies that you submit to.  

That being said, with the amount of insurance companies that will be hit, there will be situations where we don’t have an answer on hand.  In those cases, please email Apex Clearinghouse at tnenrollment@apexedi.com and they can help you answer this question. 

I have questions on how to complete an application. The form says to contact Madaket, is that correct?

We always want you to contact TheraNest support first! 

I received EFT forms - can I ignore this?

Some insurance companies require that you are enrolled with EFTs to get ERAs from them.  If you are already setup with EFTs, you unfortunately still need to complete this section of the forms or the insurance company will reject your enrollment. 

Where do I send forms when they direct me to send to the administrator admin?

Send them to the fax number, email address, or physical address that is on the cover letter of the enrollment forms.  

Do Office Ally ERA Transfer Letters need to be printed on company letterhead?

What do I do if an enrollment website link is not working?

Sometimes insurance companies will take these pages down for maintenance.  If a link is not working, simply try back later.  If you are concerned because you have not been able to get in for several days, you can contact tnenrollment@apexedi.com  and we can notify you of any long term maintenance that might be occurring

The forms state a different clearinghouse’s name then Apex EDI, is something wrong?

We partner with other clearinghouses in order to give you access to as many payers as we possibly can.  If another company name is on the form, simply complete the form. 

I don’t know my PTAN number - how do I find this?

You can find your PTAN number on the Welcome Letter you received from Medicare when you were credentialed.  If you can’t find that letter, simply call your provider representative at Medicare and they can give that to you. 

I don’t know a provider ID that the enrollment is asking for.  How do I find this?

You can typically find your provider IDs on the welcome letter you received from that insurance company.  If you can’t find that letter, or it is not on there, simply call the insurance company and they can assist you. 

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