Claim filing indicator code invalid (OF)  Also may appear as

Element SBR05 is missing. It is required when SBR01 is not 'P' and payer is Medicare. 

The wording on this rejection may vary. But, when the insurance indicates that a File Indicator is missing or invalid - or if they state the client appears to have secondary Medicare the fix is the same. 

This rejection indicates that an Insurance Type aside from "Other" needs to be used for this payer. Go to Billing > Insurers > Edit

Under Insurance Type, you will need to change from "Other" to another designation. 

This rejection is most commonly seen when the client has a Blue Cross product as Primary and another insurance as Secondary. 

When the Secondary insurance type is listed as "Other" Blue Cross interprets that to mean "Medicare" 

Changing the insurance type will resolve this issue. 

If you unsure what the type should be you can reach out to the clearinghouse or the insurance for clarification. Here is the code for commonly requested insurance types:

Other - OF
Medicare Part B: MB
Health Maintenance Organization: HM
Blue Cross/Blue Shield: BL
Commercial Insurance: CI
Tricare: CH

You can resubmit your claims by going to Billing > Submitted Claims > Mark As > Failed to Process > Resubmit EDI File.

This will capture the changes and re-send the file to the clearinghouse. 

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