Claim Rejection:

  • RENDERING PROVIDER LOOP(2310B) IS MISSING Missing or invalid

This rejection usually indicates the Rendering Provider is missing from the electronic file. 

Note: The information in the electronic file is controlled by your EDI File Settings. The information on the PDF version of the CMS-1500 might be different than the electronic claim according to these settings. 

 You can edit your EDI File Settings by going to Billing > Insurers > Edit. Scroll down to EDI File Settings

To ensure that the Rendering Provider is always included in the electronic claim, check boxes 3 & 4.

Be sure to save your changes. You can resubmit your claims by going to Billing > Submitted Claims > Mark As > Failed to Process > Resubmit EDI File. 

If you have any other questions about EDI File Settings you can check out the article below

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