A TheraNest user can schedule a group Telehealth session with up to six participants (including the provider). Before you schedule please ensure the following: 

Before You Begin

  1. Your organization/provider on the appointment is subscribed to the group Telehealth plan. This plan is different from the original Telehealth Subscription. 
  2. Your clients have already been formed into a Group within TheraNest. Each client must be entered into TheraNest as an individual and then formed into a group. Your group cannot be larger than 5 clients for Group Telehealth sessions. Even if you edit out participants TheraNest will not be able to schedule a Group Telehealth session for a group that has more than 5 clients. Each individual client will be assigned a unique URL.  Click here to see how to create a group. 
  1. Click on the Clients from the primary navigation bar. 
  2. Click on Groups in the side menu bar
  3. Find your Group > Click Appointments in the Actions column
  4. Click New Group Telehealth Session
  5. All group members will populate. Select your service type. 
  6. Ensure the correct staff member, location, and room (if applicable) are selected. 
  7. Choose date and time
  8. Click Save

You'll see the appointment on the calendar. If you open up the appointment window you'll see each client's unique session URL.

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