Telehealth is a secure, HIPAA compliant video conferencing tool.

Being successful with Telehealth is all about making sure you and your clients have the right tools and education on how to use the platform. Think of this as a check list for success!

Step One 

Make Sure You Are Subscribed To Telehealth!

To subscribe to Telehealth you must have Organization Administration permissions. 

Step Two 

Before your first session know what is required of both you and your client.

Browser requirements are important to understand and share with your clients! Unsuccessful sessions are usually the result of one or all participants not using the correct browser. See below which browser you should use with which device. Again, this is crucial for both you and your client to follow. 

Desktop or Laptop: Chrome, Firefox, and Safari
Android tablet or mobile phone: Chrome
Apple tablet or mobile phone: Safari

We also suggest looking over our FAQ and viewing our training before scheduling your first session. 

Telehealth Training:

Step Three 

Schedule Your First Telehealth Appointment.

You can create a Telehealth appointment from the Calendar or from the client's Client Details and Appointments pages. Clients can join the Telehealth session in various ways. Clients not using the Client Portal will need you to send them the URL link to join the session.

Step Four 

Make Sure Your Client Knows How to Use Telehealth.

The best way to make sure your Telehealth sessions are successful is to give your client all the details on how to use Telehealth up front. Without important details on browser and internet requirements, your clients could miss out on critical steps! You can share these guides with your customers. 

Step Five 

Start Your Telehealth Session Like A Pro.

Starting your session is quick click from your Agenda or Calendar. 



Lastly, know where to go when you need help!

We are always here to help if you run into any trouble. Use the guide below to troubleshoot common issues or fill out the included form to have our Telehealth specialist take a closer look.

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