Users with Organization Administrator permissions will be able to add, edit, and manage appointment reminders.

TheraNest customers who have Appointment Reminders turned on, will want to check that the following criteria is met if an appointment reminder was not sent out as expected. To ensure that appointment reminders are turned on check out this guide.

Did you Reschedule the Appointment?

If you rescheduled your appointment by dragging and dropping it on the Calendar to a new location after the original reminder has already gone out, a new appointment reminder will not be created.

To ensure rescheduled appointments are sent a reminder, follow these steps:

Step One: Create new appointment.
Step Two: From Agenda or Calendar, mark appointment as rescheduled and choose new appointment as the rescheduled option. 

Just to reiterate, if the appointment reminder for the original appointment has already gone out, you must create a new appointment and link using the steps listed above in order for your client to receive a reminder for the rescheduled time.

Missing Details or Marked as "Do Not Contact"

The other common reason why appointment reminders do not go out is that the client does not have a phone number in the Mobile Phone field or the client's file is marked as "Do Not Contact." You will check both of these fields from the Client Details page.

Your Client Stopped Texts From Your Reminder Number

If a client responds with STOP, CANCEL, or UNSUBSCRIBE the client will no longer receive text message reminders. The client can reactivate the text message reminders by texting Start to your unique reminder phone number.  

You can confirm this is the cause from looking at the client's Reminders Log tab. Just click Client Details > Reminders Log tab and review that log for Stop, Cancel, or Unsubscribe.

Your Client Was Archived

If your client was archived at the time that reminders were delivered, your client will not receive a reminder. Only active clients will receive appointment reminders. 

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