If you have completed your enrollment survey for Apex, you may start receiving emails with attached EDI and ERA enrollment forms to complete and submit. 

Although you are going to be submitting EDI claim files and receiving ERA payment details through Apex, some of the EDI and ERA enrollment forms may come with Office Ally, Change Healthcare, or Optum verbiage.

This is because certain insurance companies have agreements to only receive EDI claim files or only send ERA payment details through certain clearinghouses. In order to ensure that you are able to submit your claims and receive ERAs using the Apex Clearinghouse through TheraNest, Apex will sometimes work with third parties like Office Ally, Change Healthcare, and Optum in order to transmit claim information to the desired insurance company.

There is no additional charge for these third party enrollments. You will still work directly within TheraNest to submit claims, check claim status, and receive ERA payment details. 

If you receive enrollment forms through an email from Apex with Office Ally, Change Healthcare, or Optum verbiage or logos, please fill out and submit these forms as instructed. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to a TheraNest billing specialist directly by clicking here. 

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