TheraNest users with billing permissions may receive a decline error while processing their client's credit card. 


Client credit card payments can be declined for a number of reasons. When a payment is declined at the time of an attempted charge, a decline message pop up on the top right corner of the screen.

Below are a few common decline errors received:

Do Not Honor
This is a general decline response from the cardholder's bank.  Please ask the cardholder contact their bank for details on why the transaction was declined. This decline reason could be due to:

  • A block has been placed from the bank 
  • Unusual transaction on the account
  • Card is canceled, expired or not activated
  • Limit reached on the account 

Invalid Issuer
This is a decline from the cardholders bank. Ask the cardholder to contact their bank to request details on why their bank is declining the transaction.

Invalid/Nonexistent Account
This decline error refers to an invalid entry of the card information. Please re-enter the card number and try again. 

If you continue to have trouble please reach out.  The following additional information can be helpful for further details. 

  • Client initials
  • Last 4 of card number
  • Attempted Transaction date
  • Attempted Transaction amount

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