At this time Apex is in BETA testing and not available for all TheraNest users. Please keep an eye on your inbox for updates!

It is important that you read over the entirety of this article. 

TheraNest users with Organization Administrator permissions will be able to kick off the enrollment process and complete the steps below. 

Before you begin

Make sure that you have properly prepared for this switch.
Check to see if your payers require enrollment
Understand that enrollment is a process


  1. Go to Organization in your Primary Navigation bar
  2. Click on Claims Service in the side menu
  3. Feel free to read over information in the main content section of the page. Click on "Request Electronic Insurance Claim Service"

*IMPORTANT* once you accept the terms and conditions you will be unable to change this option. This will lock you in to Apex clearinghouse and you will not be able to revert this decision. 

4. Read over Terms & Conditions and Select, "Accept & Continue"
5. Do *NOT* proceed with enrollment survey yet. Click on "Billing" in the Primary Navigation Bar.
6. Click here for the Apex payer list. You will search for your payers and see which ones do NOT require enrollment.
7. For the payers that do NOT require enrollment you may edit the payer information on the Billing > Insurers section of TheraNest. 


8. For each payer that does not require enrollment change the clearinghouse option to Apex.
9. Update the payer ID to the Apex payer ID listed on the Apex payer list.
10. Click Save

For payers that DO require enrollment we must wait for approval to submit through Apex before editing their information. This is what the enrollment survey will help with. Once approved by the payers you can edit their clearinghouse and payer ID in the insurers section. 

Everyone should complete the enrollment survey even if your payers did not require enrollment.

11. Go back to Organization > Claims Service and complete enrollment survey based on how you're enrolled with your payer.


  1. Do not cancel your current clearinghouse connection. You will need to keep that connection open to support dual submission.  
  2. Dual Submission (submitting to both Apex and your current clearinghouse) is not a permanent function. TheraNest cannot support this functionality indefinitely. 
  3. It is CRITICAL that you submit EDI and ERA enrollments for all appropriate/eligible insurance payers. 

For the payers that do NOT require enrollment you can start submitting claims for them immediately through Apex. For payers that do require enrollment you will have to wait till you're approved before you can change the payers and submit those claims through Apex. You can still submit claims through your existing clearinghouse while you wait for approval. 

Click here to learn more about enrollment types

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