Organization Administration permissions is required to make these changes. 

Before You Begin

  • The new bank account must be a Checking Account and not a Savings Account.
  • Only one bank account can be used for deposits and debit of processing fees.
  • Bank account updates made during business hours will be updated that day and funds will be deposited the next day for any transactions processed before 5PM Eastern. 
  • Bank information updated during non-business hours, it will be updated the very next business day.
  • To prevent a Return on the merchant account, Vantage our merchant processor may request a copy of a voided check for bank verification. A message will be sent to you on this request. 

Update Account

  1. Click on Organization from the primary navigation bar.
  2. Click the Setup Credit Card Payment tab. 
  3. Update bank account and routing number under Banking Details.
  4. Select the green Update button on the bottom right 


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