TheraNest users who are enrolled in credit card processing with TheraNest may receive a notice that there is a return on their merchant account. 

What is a Return?

A Return on your merchant account is when Vantage, our merchant processor, is unable to withdraw owed processing fees for successful credit card transactions in TheraNest. We will notify the TheraNest Organization Administrator on the account to resolve right away. When a return occurs on an account there will be $10 fee.

What Causes a Return?

Bank has placed a block on the debit for security reasons. 

  • We will help provide documentation to share with your bank to add the Company ID for Vantage on your account. This will prevent future blocks.

Bank owner will place a "Stop Payment" on transaction fee withdraws.

  • Please be aware that Merchant Fee Withdraw is what will appear as the descriptor on your bank statements. This is TheraNest withdrawing your credit card processing fees. 

Bank account has been closed or has insufficient funds available. 

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