TheraNest users who wish to have a different address show on billing documents may enter a "Send Payments to" address.  You must have Administrator permissions to access this field.  

  1. Click on Organization in the primary navigation bar
  2. On the right hand side of the settings tab one will find the "Send Payments to" fields
  3. Fill out address fields with desired address and click save. 

If the "Send Payments To" field is left blank, the Location address on the settings page will be used instead. 

We do not recommend putting a provider's home address in these fields. 

For Practices with Multiple Locations

  1. Click on Organization on the primary navigation bar
  2. Choose Locations & Rooms tab
  3. Click edit for each desired location you wish to update.
  4. There is the option to add separate "Send Payments To" addresses for each location. 
  5. Click Save

Back on the Organization Settings page you'll see a box located above the "Send Payments to Address":

If multiple locations exist, use address of appointment location on printed invoices, statements, superbills and receipts

If the box is marked - the address of the location of the appointment will appear. If that location has a pay to address (on the location & rooms tab) that pay to address will appear instead of the appointment address.

If the pay to address is blank (on the location & rooms tab) and the box is marked the location of the appointment will print- it does not matter if there is a pay to address on the settings tab or not. The info will only be pulled from the location of the appointment.

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