TheraNest users with Billing Permissions can access insurance and add/edit Payer IDs

Before You Begin

If you switch clearinghouses, you will need to check with your new clearinghouse's payer list to confirm the Payer IDs for your insurance payers.

Payer ID

Payer ID is  unique series of letters and/or numbers that indicate the digital destination of an electronic claim. TheraNest users who submit to insurance will need to know the Payer IDs of the insurers who they are credentialed with in order to enroll in Assisted Claims.

Things To Know

  • Payer IDs are unique to each insurance payer and often times they are clearinghouse-specific. For example, the Payer ID for Insurance Company X may be 12345 with Clearinghouse A and 67890 with Clearinghouse B
  • The Payer ID on an electronically submitted claim tells the clearinghouse where to deliver the electronic claim file. 

In TheraNest, the Payer ID is recorded in the Insurer Details

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