Can hide and show treatment plan information on the notes for the cases they are assigned.


Can hide and show treatment plan information on all notes and all cases. 

Before You Begin

Hiding of  treatment plan information only applies to the electronic version of the note. When you print the note all treatment plan information will still print. To remove the section from the printed version you need to edit the note template. 

Once you hide treatment plan information on any note for a particular client it will default to that setting for each note you create for that client. This is currently a per client setting.

Hide Treatment Plan Goals and/or History

  1. In the sidebar menu from the client details click Notes.
  2. Click the Details button of the note you want to open and view. 
  3. At the top-right corner of Treatment Goals click – Show Less.
  4. Treatment History will now move up where you can also click – Show Less to hide that information as well. 
  5. Click + Show More to expand next to each section you wish to expand.

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